Repair & Maintenance

Is your inverter displaying error codes and malfunctioning?

3Smart Technologies Ltd. specializes in Inverter repair & maintenance. We will come to your location to check out the problem, uninstall the system, repair and test the inverter in our service center. Most inverters carry a manfacturer warranty of 10 - 25 years. If your inverter is still under warranty, we will  work with the inverter manufacturer to have any failed part replaced  that might be covered under the warranty. We also stock replacement parts to ensure we get your inverter system repaired and tested within the shortest possible time.

We have years of experience working on all type of inverters including but not limiited to:

  • Mpower Inverter
  • Luminous Inverter
  • BlueGate Inverter
  • Prag Inverter
  • Xantrex Inverter
  • SMA inverter

and many more.

We also offer annual service contracts to inspect and maintain solar systems.Your solar system should have a check-up once or twice a year similar to changing the engine oil of your car so as to ensure that that your solar renewable energy system works at its peak performance.

So, you can be assured your inverter is in the right hands. Click here to get your inverter system up and running.

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