RENEWABLE ENERGY (Solar-Inverter-Battery)

A Solar system does work if you engage the services of a professional Renewable Energy company with qualified professionals, good years of experience and a very good track record.

3Smart Technologies Ltd. Is that Professional Renewable Energy Company with well-tailored renewable energy systems to suit all kind of individuals, organisations and communities in accordance to their electrical need and budget.

Home-owners, Private Organizations and Governmental institutions rely on 3Smart Technologies expertise to reliably increase their use of renewable energy and foster a clean energy ecosystem.
How a Renewable Energy System works

Your Inverter & Battery System integrates with the Solar Panel to harness the abundant power of the sun and reduce or eliminate your reliance on Power Generators and the utility grid (e.g NEPA).

It is important to note that the Solar Panels are dependent on Inverter and Battery System for electricity generation as shown below:

A guaranteed solar electricity for productivity, illumination & Relaxation……..

We offer a wide range of renewable energy products to suit the size of your electrical needs and budget. So whether you need a renewable energy system to light up a single room such as server rooms, computer rooms, lightings and ventilation systems of banks, security systems and equipment or to illuminate an entire town…You are not alone, we have got your back.

Using an off grid, cost-effective and reliable self-generating electricity from the sunlight, without the fear of increased electricity tariff or fuel scarcity. Click here to get started.

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