If you own a power Generator, then you need 3smart Automatic Changeover Switch.

3Smart Automatic Changeover switch is a 21st century compliant and multifunctional device …

It is used to replace your tasks and efforts as regards changing-over between Generator supply and NEPA supply thereby ensuring electrical safety, convenience and Protection to you and your family.…

It is an innovation designed to work with all power Generators – Both Domestic and Industrial power Generators.

How a 3Smart Automatic changeover Switch works

The basic function of 3Smart Automatic Changeover Switch is to change between two sources of power supply (Generator and NEPA) as shown above.
3Smart Automatic Changeover switch utilizes global best practice of Loading & off-loading Industrial Generators for higher Generator durability.

If the Generator is up and running; and NEPA restores power supply, 3Smart Automatic Changeover switch will:

  • Check if the voltage is safe for use
  • If voltage is safe, it changes automatically from Generator supply to NEPA supply and automatically switches off the Generator.
Features & Benefits

Wireless Remote Control

With 3Smart Automatic Changeover Switch, you have the convenience of switching off/On your Generator with a remote control within a 100 metre radius.

Nepa Alarm buzzer

It produces a sound that tells you that power from the utility grid has been restored.


Risk of electrocution is eliminated especially during rainy days. The risk of sparks or partial contact is completely eliminated.


It changes automatically between Utility Grid (NEPA) and Generator supply. No one needs to worry about changing-over or attending to the Generator especially in odd hours. It automatically switches off your generator immediately power on the Utility Grid (Nepa) is restored. On auto-mode, Generator will auto-start when it senses the interruption of power from the utility grid.


It protects from very low and exceeding high voltages that may destroy your valuable appliances and gadgets.


The efficiency of your organisations’ electrical power system can be improved with 3Smart Automatic Changeover Switch. It’s a smart Life with 3smart Automatic changeover Switch (for safety, protection and convenience). We do not compromise on Quality||We maintain Global Best Practice in our area of expertise. Click here to get started.

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